You can have your very own menu ordering system, together with a front end website to promote your food services and/or establishment. It is completely yours to configure any way you like, with no limitations or restrictions on anything. You have total control over every aspect of your menu system. This stand alone system can potentially pay for itself within 3 months. 

Your package includes a front end website that features your establishment or highlight your most popular food items. Your website will be built to function on all devices, as well as your online menu. This development type keeps costs low because there is no need for mobile app development, which can be a very expensive addition. You have all the benefits of a mobile application, build right into your menu.

Choose a domain name (, if available) and the setup is done for you. An account will be created at GoDaddy* , or the hosting company of your choice for your website and online menu. For purposes of receiving online payments, you will need to have a payment gateway set up so that the patron can pay for their orders with a credit/debit card. Gateways such as Paypal and Stripe are free to set up and apply to your menu. You can still use the system for pre-orders and pay on pickup or delivery orders.