Start Your Online Menu!...No Commissions or Fees On Your Sales.

Building your online food and bakery shop is made is easy through My Webstaurant...No Commissions or Fess On Your Sales. Try us free for 30 days* .

Accept Online Orders for Pickup or Delivery

You can begin selling your products right away using our online menu ordering system. No matter what type of foods you offer, setting up and customizing your shop is easy, and you can add your own images, logo, and background picture to better represent your vendor shop.

3-in-1 Design

Your vendor store will function on all devices connected to the internet, and will convert to a mobile app when viewed from Iphone or Android phones. or any other type of mobile device.

Easy to Customize

You'll find setting up your store to be simple and easy! Just have images of your products to upload, add descriptions and prices, and start selling your delicious menu items.

Built-In POS

Your store comes with its own point of sale system, a control panel that displays all sales and ordering info, and notifies you of incoming orders instantly. You have total control of your store and its' products.

No Commissions or Fees On Your Sales!

With the other online menu ordering systems, you have to be a brick and mortar establishment to sign up and use their service. And on top of that; there's a commission on every item you sale, cutting into your profits. My Webstaurant was designed for those that cannot use the other online services because of these restrictions, eliminating most food trucks, caterers, food and bakery kiosks, and YOU!  With My Webstaurant, there are no fees or commissions on your sales, because our program is membership based. This allows you to have complete control of your vendor shop, with no restrictions or limitations beyond that of what your selected membership package allows.

Click below to view a fully functional sample restaurant. You'll have the ability to test the site as if you were an actual customer to the store, giving you the best example of what you can present to your customer base. Because of the programs' design, it is very user friendly, working as an app with clear and precise viewing from any sized mobile screen.

My Webstaurant Features

The features of your online vendor store include:.

Your webstaurant control panel allows you to control of every aspect of your store.

You can customize your vendor store to suit your needs. It is always a good idea to add an image of the dish listed. Add multiple images of your food items, change the color scheme and menu layout, add promotional coupons for your customers, and much more. You have total control over your vendor store.

Your admin panel is where you will begin building your vendoe shop. Using your own images, you can give your shop a professional look, without knowing code!

Your control panel includes a built-in POS (point of sale), allowing you to view incoming orders and keep track of weekly and monthly sales, best selling items, repeat cusstomers, and more. Notification of new order are received in seconds, not minutes!  And for those that are on a time restricted break, getting the order prepared upon notification of order reduces the wait time tremdously.

You can create your custom menu with multiple catagories and add-on items.

Your Webstaurant can be designed to sell any parishable item...from foods and sauces to bakery items and toppings. Giving customers the option to customize their orders is a plus for any vendor shop.

Numerous Options

Allow your customers the options of customizing their orders with add-on menu options, side dishes, and extras orders. My Webstaurant gives you everything you need to build a complete menu ordering service for all of your food, bakery, and add-on items. However you want youe store to look and function is all up to you.

Ordering Is Easy!

Whether from a computer or mobile device, ordering from your online menu is simple and easy. You even have the option of creating your own Loyalty Program for your recurring customers. You can create promotions and coupons to offer customers to ensure they keep coming back!

My Webstaurant is a fully responsive application, eliminating the need for expensive mobile app development.

My Webstaurant was designed to function across all devices, allowing your mobile users to have a clear and precise view of your menu items, with the ability to order directly from their mobile devices. With more people on the go, it makes it easy for your customers to pre-order for quick pickup or delivery. My Webstaurant works on all devices; from Android and IPhone, to tablets and computers.

Your Orders Are Received in Seconds.

Allowing you to begin preparation of your incoming orders as soon as they come in. Get your orders done in a timely fashion and eliminate customer wait times.

Order Notification

Orders coming into your system will give your a sound alert, notifiying you of a new incoming order. Your dashboard will flash a notification of the incoming order, with instructions to either approve or cancel the incoming order. And to ensure you receive the order, our system will notify you by email or text* instantly, assuring that you never miss an incoming order to your store. You can choose to have your orders submitted to you by text message service. (*SMS Service Credits Extra)

Customer Notification

Upon submission of the customers' order, they will receive a text message asking them to confirm their order before being redirected to checkout...upon final confirmation of sale, the customer will receive a receipt of purchase along with their order number. This allows your customers to know exactly what time their order was received, and can easily calculate a time for pickup or delivery.

Safe & Secure Ordering.

My Webstaurant offers safe and secure menu ordering. Our system uses secure SSL security systems , just as the other online menu ordering systems, with secure credit and debit card payments processed through your Paypal Business Acct* or Stripe. Paypal Business is the prefered menu transaction system for ordering from your menu. There is no need for customers to sign up with Paypal, they have the option to pay by 'Quest Checkout' using their debit or credit card. Payments are accepted into your account the minute your customer pays. No waiting days for your payment to post, like the other online services.
*Find out more about Paypal Business here

Regarding CashApp

Although you can request a payment to your account, this system cannot incorporate CashApp as a payment gateway because the application is not suitable for business transactions and does not possess the security features needed to secure your online transactions. We will include the option of allowing you customer to pay to your CashApp during purchase. Paypal and Stripe are the only options currently available as a payment gateway. We recommend using Paypal Business. It is a safe and secure payment gateway that provides instant payments to your account. After signup, you will receive your Paypal Business MasterCard, which will contain the funds that were paid to your account when your customers purchase online. The customer doesn't need to sign up with Paypal; there is the option of Guest Checkout using a credit/debit card.

Start your free, no-risk, 30 day trial!

No credit card required. No Commitments. No Fees.

Converts to Mobile App

When Accessed From Mobile Device So Your Customers Can Connect With Your Store Anytime and Anywhere!.

Easily Access Your Store

With an online dashboard you can access by mobile device, you'll have full control of your account and see your stores' usage and sales in real-time. This helps make managing your store even more convenient!

You don't have to accept online payments to use the My Webstaurant system, but you have the option to do so. If you prefer to accept cash payments on delivery/pickup, then all you have to do is choose that menu option and the customer will know that you're only accepting cash payments.

Get Notified

Of incoming orders directly to your phone or mobile device.

Works As Mobile App

When your customers visit your menu from their mobile devices!.

Real Time Alerts

Your dashboard will flash new incoming orders as soon as they arrive.